Millennium Pallet Rack Accessories MUST CALL TO ORDER (Available in the NYC Metro Area Only & Cannot be shipped via FedEx)

Millennium Pallet Rack Accessories MUST CALL TO ORDER (Available in the NYC Metro Area Only & Cannot be shipped via FedEx)
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BEAM LENGTH:  shelf length equals the distance beween uprights, it is determined by adding the widths of pallet loads plus a 5" side clearance between upright and pallet and 6" between pallet loads, shelf beam capacities are based on a pair of beams supporting an evenly distributed load

RACK LENGTH: Add the following figures:

Height of pallet loads (including pallet), + height of shelf beam + 4" minimum vertical clearance for each pallet load.


For uppermost load level, location of shelf beam should be 6" less than fork trucks maximum lift height top of beams need to be at 2" increments. 



  • TBS3696F20G, frame 35"x 96", 49 lbs. 20,059 capacity
  • TBS4296F20G, frame 42"x 96", 50 lbs., 20,059 capacity
  • TBS4896F20G, frame 48"x 96". 51 lbs., 20,059 capacity
  • TBS42120F20G, frame 42x120, 56 lbs. 20,059 capacity
  • TBS361144F20G, frame 36"x144, 73 lbs., 20,059 capacity
  • TBS42144F20G, frame 42"x144", 74 lbs., 20,059 capacity
  • TBS48144F20G, frame 48"x144", 76 lbs., 20,059 capacity
  • TBS42192F20G, frame 42"x192", 95 lbs. 20,059 capacity 

WIRE DECK (Waterfall Design)

  • TBS3646WDGP, wire deck 36"x46", 22 lbs.,3,000 capacity
  • TBS4246WDGP, wire deck 42"x46", 26 lbs, 2,500 capacity
  • TBS4846WDGP, wire deck 48"x46" 30 lbs., 3,000 capacity
  • TBS3658WDGP, wire deck 36"x58" 29.4 lbs, 3,000 capacity
  • TBS4258WDGP, wire deck 42"x58" 34.2 lbs., 3,000 capacity
  • TBS4858WDGP, wire deck 48"x58" 39.9 lbs., 3,000 capacity

Safety bars, column protectors, deck panels, row space,, wire deck, seismic footplate, shim,  and wedge type anchor bolts available. 

For over twenty years, Millennium Steel had been dedicated to providing companies with innovative solutions and equipment for all of their storage requirements. 

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