Rentals, sales, custom showroom racks & more

Millennium Racks

Custom products for the Fashion, Film & Restaurant Industries Nationwide

Millennium Racks, an affiliate of Brooklyn Petro Moore, are manufacturers and distributors of welded steel racks, displays, and accessories as well as custom-made wood tables for use on your sales floor and in your back rooms.

We make pipe products available to rent or sell, such as clothing racks for showrooms in the fashion industry and restaurants. We also offer custom work for sign fixtures or frames nationwide.

We Rack Them All

With our large selection of products, we can fulfill all of your storage needs.

These include

  • Garment Racks
  • Industrial Shelving
  • Shelving Accessories
  • Adult Mannequins and much more

If you would like a rental or sales quote, click on the email link below and fill out the requested info.

Millennium Racks